In Conversation: Benjamin, founder of Radiooooo

A friend recently told me about Radioooo, an online radio station where you select a year, and a country and listen to historical delights. I instantly became fascinated with

Heather: Tell me about Radiooooo – how did it all begin?

Benjamin: It was all about sharing musical gems we had with a bunch of friends.

I always been a science fiction and history nerd, so, making a time machine was a goal for me.

H: Why did you think Radiooooo was needed? – what makes it different to other music platforms?

B: Because it’s difficult to find good music out of the big market. Because you don’t know that foreign countries produce outstanding records. Because you are 2 clicks away from discoveries that will change your musical culture 🙂

H: Where does the name come from? Why 5 ‘O’s’ ?

B: You can type to whatever the number of « O» you decide!

I wanted that this word « radio » was attached to our site cause it works like that, it is a flow of music, you don’t have to search as on streaming websites.

H: Can anyone upload tracks?

B: Sure! but there is a selection at the entrance…

H: For people that are unfamiliar with Radiooooo, how does it work?

B: Choose a country on the map, select a decade from 1900 to today, and just enjoy the beauties of the world.

H: What’s your favorite recent discovery?

B: The Mexican contemporary electro musical scene that pops so much!

H: How does the site work in terms of licensing?

B: We are considered as a French based webradio.

H: If you went into a time machine, where would you go to and why?

B: Maybe in the swinging 20s. You can feel that something cool and fun were in the air at this time 🙂 !!

H: What are your future plans for Radiooooo?

B: A loooooot o things! At this time we work on a physical machine, just check it out here: It’s crowdfunded, help us to make it real!

H: How does Radiooooo make money?

B: We sound design cool places.

H: I love the Instagram platform – tell me more about the artwork selected for the channel…

B: We always linked beautiful sounds and pictures, so record covers are a mine for this mix!

H: Give me your top 5 tracks that we should listen to…

B: Very difficult question. Let’s say my last 5 tracks I like:
Polo&Pan – Zoom Zoom
Pete Drake & His talking steel guitar – Forever
Sports – Whatever you want
Comedian Harmonists – Quand il Pleut
Admas – Astawesalehu

H: Thank you!!

B: You welcome 🙂